Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 25 Content Marketing Resources

Blog Post Ideas

Whether you are creating content yourself, developing it in-house, or outsourcing it to freelance writers, you will need a steady flow of blog post ideas to keep your publishing schedule steady. In this post, I’m going to share my favorite sources of content inspiration so you never run out of content ideas again.

Note that your goal is to create unique content based on inspiration from these sources. You do not want to steal exact headlines, topics, or content from anyone.

1. Headlines from other blogs in your niche or industry using RSS and Feedly. tweet

In order to generate great blog post ideas in your niche or industry, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends, and technologies. I do this by subscribing to as many of my competitors and the top blogs in my industry using Feedly, an RSS feed aggregator. You can use the search box to find specific blogs or blogs by topic to subscribe to.

Blog Post Ideas Using Feedly
Discover top blogs in your niche or industry using Feedly.

I use the Google Chrome RSS Subscription Extension to subscribe to blogs as I come across them. It will put an RSS icon in your Google Chrome address bar when an RSS feed is detected.

Blog Topic Ideas Using RSS
Use the Google Chrome RSS Subscription Extension to detect RSS feeds.

You can also visit sites like Alltop to find blogs on just about everything, from Accounting to Zoology.

Blog Post Ideas Using Alltop
Find the top blogs on a wide range of topics.

Alltop shows you the latest five posts from each blog so you can quickly get inspiration and subscribe to the blogs you like best.

Blog Post Ideas Using Alltop
Get blog post ideas from the top headlines of popular blogs.

Once you’ve subscribed to some great blogs, you can visit Feedly every day on your desktop or using the mobile app for your device. I find that just browsing the latest headlines from a lot of blogs gives me great inspiration for my own blog posts.

2. Trending topics using popurls. tweet

For headline inspiration, popurls can’t be beaten. This site aggregates the top stories from around the web’s most popular publications on one page. You can visit the homepage to see the top headlines about everything, or pick top headlines from specific categories such as Business or Tech.

Blog Post Ideas Using Popurls
Get blog post ideas from trending topics.

This website is especially good for blogs that want to capitalize on trending topics.

3. Generate ideas using Google AdWords Keyword Planner. tweet

The first place I like to start to get blog post ideas is Google AdWords Keyword Planner. This free tool (available to Google AdWords users, even if you don’t buy any ads) allows you to search for any keyword related to your niche or industry and provides up to 800 related keywords and phrases. For example, if I search for content marketing and look under the Keyword ideas tab, I get the following.

Blog Topic Ideas Using Google AdWords Keyword Planner
Get hundreds of blog topic ideas using Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

When I click the Download button, I can get all 562 keywords and keyword phrases related to content marketing in an Excel CSV or Google Spreadsheet. I can then modify my spreadsheet and turn it into my own blog post idea bank.

Blog Topic Ideas Using Google AdWords Keyword Excel Download
Add blog post ideas to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Excel download of keyword ideas.

4. Suggested searches from Google using Ubersuggest. tweet

Another great keyword tool to use is Ubersuggest. This will show you the top ten suggested keywords and phrases when someone starts typing a keyword or phrase into Google’s search box. Just search for the keyword and browse the suggestions from A to Z.

Blog Post Ideas Using Ubersuggest
Get specific post ideas for suggested keyword phrases.

Be sure to go beyond just keyword phrases and use Ubersuggest to help you develop some great titles. For example, if you want to do comparison blog posts, you can search for the tool you want to compare vs to get an idea of what people are searching for. If you write about web hosting, you might want to search for GoDaddy vs to see all of the hosting companies people want to compare to GoDaddy.

Blog Post Ideas Using Ubersuggest
Get specific ideas for comparison posts.

Or, let’s say you sell home decoration products. You might want to write blog posts on how to decorate certain things, such as…

Blog Post Ideas Using Ubersuggest
Get specific ideas for how to posts.

The possibilities are endless with this tool. All you need is a good start to your phrase, and Ubersuggest can finish it for you.

5. Keywords and phrases that your website visitors use to find your website using HitTail. tweet

HitTail is a keyword analysis tool that uses your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools data to find keywords driving traffic to your website and suggest new keywords that you could be targeting based on those keywords. Each week, you will receive an email with some new keyword suggestions that you can use to optimize your website with or create blog posts about.

Blog Post Ideas Using HitTail
Get new content ideas from your website’s organic search keyword rankings.

Alternatively, you can use Google Webmaster Tools to see search queries used to drive traffic to your website, and then use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find related keywords. HitTail just simplifies the process.

6. Exact headlines based on your keyword or phrase using a blog title generator. tweet

If you end up with a list of great keywords and phrases, but no titles to go with them, then blog topic generators can help. These tools will give you headlines you can use for inspiration to turn your keywords and phrases into working blog post titles. Some use specific formulas to create headlines based on your keywords while others will grab blog headlines used on popular sites for inspiration.

Either way, you will want to customize any titles you get from a blog topic generator to ensure that your title is unique.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is a good example. You can enter one to three keywords or phrases, and it will give you a few simple title suggestions. Or watch this tutorial on how to use it.

Blog Post Ideas Using Blog Topic Generators
Get specific blog post headlines using blog topic generators.

Beneath the first five suggestions, you can enter your information and download a spreadsheet which will give you another 250 specific headline ideas.

Blog Post Ideas Using Blog Topic Generators
Additional blog headlines from the HubSpot Blog Topic Generator.

Want more blog headlines? Here are some additional, free-to-use blog topic generators.

  • Themeforest’s ContentIdeator – Generates up to 300 blog headlines, depending on keywords or phrases entered.
  • Portent’s Content Idea Generator – Gives you one idea at a time based on your keyword, along with some tips on how to create a great piece of content.
  • Tweak Your Biz Title Generator – Generates 300+ title ideas for list posts, best of posts, how to posts, and other themes.
  • Impact’s Blog Title Generator gives you fill in the blank title formulas you can use with your keywords and phrases. It gives you one idea at a time with a heart you can click if you like it. You can continue to get as many title formulas as you like, clicking the heart to save each. Then use the Email Me Titles button to have your titles sent to you. (Hint: Just keep clicking the heart as fast as possible and have them emailed to you.)
  • WebPageFX’s Blog Post Idea Generator – Gives you one idea at a time based on your keyword.
  • Inbound Now’s SEO Friendly Blog Post Titles – Gives you one idea at a time that you can fill in with your keyword or phrase.
  • Content Row’s Link Bait Title Generator – Generates 25 blog topic ideas at a time with BuzzFeed-like headlines. Keep clicking the Get Linkbait button for more ideas.
  • Wriber’s Idea Generator – Unlike other blog topic generators that just stick your keyword phrase into specific headline formulas, Wriber takes three keywords that you provide and gives you ten questions that can be used as great topics ideas.
  • BuiltVisible’s Content Strategy Helper – This is a Google Spreadsheet that you can use to get ideas from a variety of different sources. Follow the directions to use it for your keywords and phrases.

Once you’ve modified the suggested headlines you receive from the above tools to make them unique, you will want to make sure they are going to do well in search engines and social media. Use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to test them out. You’ll get a full report about your headline for free.

Blog Topic Ideas Using Headline Analyzer
Evaluate your blog headlines using the Headline Analyzer.

Over time, this tool will help you create better headlines for your blog posts.

7. Guest posts published by competitors. tweet

For those of you who have competitors that are always out guest blogging, set up an account with Monitor Backlinks. This tool will email you with new links to your website, along with your competitors. When your competitors get a new backlink from a guest blog post, you’ll get it in an email that looks like this.

Blog Post Ideas Using Monitor Backlinks
Get guest post ideas from your competitors.

You can use this for blogging inspiration as well as a way to discover new guest posting opportunities to promote yourself and your business.

8. Content that ranks well in search using SEMrush. tweet

If increasing organic search engine traffic is one of your main content marketing goals, then you will want to get inspiration from blog posts that get ranked well in search. SEMrush can help. Paid subscribers can use the organic keyword report to see the top keywords and phrases that a website is ranking for in Google search along with the blog posts or pages linked to those keywords and phrases.

Blog Post Ideas Using SEMrush
Find out what posts on other blogs get the most search engine traffic.

Use this tool to research your competitor’s blogs along with the top blogs in your niche or industry to see how these sites create content that rank well for great keywords and phrases.

9. Content that gets shared on the top social networks using BuzzSumo. tweet

Want to get blog post ideas from headlines proven to be popular on social media? Try BuzzSumo. You can search for a keyword or phrase for general ideas…

Blog Post Ideas Using BuzzSumo
Search for keywords or phrases on BuzzSumo to find popular content.

You can search for a particular domain to find ideas for specific sites you contribute to…

Blog Post Ideas Using BuzzSumo
Get blog post ideas for a specific site you write for.

You can search for content shared by accounts on Twitter to see what content a site owner or editor likes beyond their own content…

Blog Post Ideas Using BuzzSumo
Find out what a particular site owner or editor likes.

You can even search for content by a particular author if you aspire to write like them (or you want to hire them).

Blog Post Ideas Using BuzzSumo
Find out what other authors are writing about.

As an added bonus, you can use BuzzSumo to check backlinks from blog posts for specific domains, such as those owned by your competitors.

Blog Post Ideas Using BuzzSumo
Research content backlinks for your competitors for guest post ideas.

This can give you inspiration for blog post titles that your competitors are using on other publications to drive traffic back to their website.

10. Content with the most comments, backlinks, and other important metrics using Impactana. tweet

Are comments, backlinks, views, and other metrics beyond social shares important to you? If so, get inspired by content that gets that kind of engagement using Impactana. Impactana offers advanced searches for content by keyword and number of comments…

Blog Post Ideas Using Impactana
Get inspired by content that gets lots of discussion.

By backlinks…

Blog Post Ideas Using Impactana
Get inspired by the content with the most backlinks.

By views…

Blog Post Ideas Using Impactana
Get inspired by content that has been viewed a lot.

By downloads…

Blog Post Ideas Using Impactana
Find out what presentation topics are downloaded most from SlideShare.

By clicks…

Blog Post Ideas Using Impactana
Get inspired by content that receives a lot of clicks.

In other words, Impactana helps you get inspired by content with a variety of metrics beyond social shares so you can make sure the content you are creating is the kind of content that will get the results you want.

11. Questions from blog post comments and discussions using Disqus. tweet

Speaking of blog post comments, when you find blogs with a lot of comments, use those comments section of your own blog posts and others as a source of blog post inspiration. In many cases, you will find that people are asking questions in the comments that could be used to form a blog post of your own.

Blog Post Ideas Using Comments
Get inspiration for new blog posts through blog post comments.

In the above example from the comments section of a post on Blab tips for marketers, I could be inspired to write a post about the differences between Blab and Google+ Hangouts.

If you want to keep track of all of the comments from a particular blog that uses the Disqus platform (as shown in the above example), right-click on the blog’s name above the comment form and copy the link address. Then paste it into your browser’s address bar and bookmark it.

Blog Post Ideas Using Disqus
Copy the link to the blog’s community on Disqus.

Now, you can see the comments for a particular blog anytime you need inspiration.

Blog Post Ideas Using Disqus
Get ideas from a blog’s latest comments on Disqus.

You can also use this Google search to find more Disqus communities in your niche or industry.

Blog Post Ideas Using Disqus
Find more blogs using Disqus using this Google search.

You will also find great questions by looking at the comments on Facebook pages, replies to users on Twitter (search for their @username and a question mark, and other social channels.

12. Questions from Q&A networks like Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Reddit. tweet

Interested to find out what people want to know about your niche or industry? Use Quora to find out. This Q&A network covers a variety of topics – just search for yours to see the questions people commonly ask.

Blog Post Ideas Using Quora
Get blog post ideas using Quora.

You can follow the topic on Quora and bookmark it for future reference. Or, using the Google Chrome RSS Subscription Extension, you can get the RSS feed for the topics that interest you from your browser’s address bar and see the top stories (answers) from them in Feedly.

Blog Post Ideas Using Quora via RSS
Subscribe to Quora’s RSS feed by topic.

You can also search for questions about your niche or industry and subscribe to the new activity via RSS on Q&A networks like Yahoo Answers.

Blog Topic Ideas Using Yahoo Answers
Search for your niche or industry and subscribe to new activity on Yahoo Answers.

If you can find subreddits about your niche or industry on Reddit with a lot of self. posts (like the one shown below), you can subscribe to the discussions via RSS using the Google Chrome RSS Subscription Extension and Feedly.

Blog Post ideas Using Subreddits
Get blog post ideas from subreddits.

You can look for Q&A networks that are niche-specific or parts of branded websites. Not all have RSS capability, so you will have to bookmark some of them and visit when you need inspiration.

You can also use tools like FAQ Fox to search some of the popular Q&A networks all at once.

Blog Post Ideas Using FAQ Fox
Use FAQ Fox to search several Q&A networks at once.

Hat tip to Linda Buquet at Local Search Forum for sharing this tool in a thread on Inbound.

  • Amazon’s Askville – Main categories include Amazon, Arts, Business, Computers, Consumer Electronics, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Family, Food & Drink, Games & Leisure, Gift Ideas, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Local, Misc, Pets, Politics, Science, Society, Sports, and Transportation. No RSS feeds.
  • Answers – Main categories include Business, Funding, Industries, Product Design, Sales & Marketing, Skills & Management, and Technology. No RSS feeds.
  • Credit Karma’s Advice Community – Main categories include Auto Insurance, Auto Loans, Bankruptcy, Credit Cards, Credit Reports, Credit Scores, Mortgage, Paying Bills, Retirement, Saving Money, Student Loans, and Taxes. No RSS feeds.
  •’s JustAsk – Main categories include Academics, Childhood Development, Learning Issues, Physical Health, Parenting, and School. No RSS.
  • Ask – Digital marketing Q&A. No RSS feeds.
  • StackExchange Sites – 150+ topics to choose from, all with RSS feeds detectable using the Google Chrome RSS Subscription Extension.

13. Questions submitted to experts in your industry during AMAs. tweet

You can also find great questions about your niche or industry by searching for AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions for the top authorities, experts, and influencers in your industry. Reddit is the most popular network for AMAs, but you will likely find them on other networks and personal blogs as well.

Just search for AMA along with the person’s name, or ask me anything along with the person’s name.

Blog Post Ideas Using AMAs
Search for AMAs to find questions that people are asking for inspiration.

You can also set up Google Alerts for AMAs related to your niche or industry.

Blog Post Ideas Using AMAs
Set up a Google Alert for upcoming AMAs about your niche or industry.

These alerts will deliver content inspiration directly to your inbox.

14. Questions asked in forums and discussion boards. tweet

Forums (also known as discussion boards, communities, etc.) are similar to Q&A networks in the sense that most people go to forums to ask questions about specific topics. This makes them a hotbed of blog post inspiration as you can find out what people want to know about your niche or industry.

To find forums about your niche or industry, search for forums along with keywords or phrases related to your niche or industry. Repeat this for discussion boards and communities.

Blog Post Ideas Using Forums
Get blog post inspiration from discussions on forums.

I could go on, but the point is, no matter what you are blogging about, there is likely a forum or two out there for you to check out and get some ideas from. Look for the forum’s search box to find discussions about particular topics for inspiration. Most will have it linked in their main menu.

Blog Post Ideas Using Forums
Use the forum search to find discussions on specific topics.

Also, keep an eye out for forums with RSS feeds for the entire forum or specific categories within the forum if you want to get the latest discussions in Feedly. Just use the Google Chrome RSS Subscription Extension to discover them.

Blog Post Ideas Using Forums
Subscribe to the latest forum discussions via RSS.

15. Questions asked in social media groups. tweet

Similar to forums, social media groups that are well-moderated attract people who need answers to specific questions. You can start by searching for groups about your niche or industry on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

For Facebook, replace content%2Bmarketing with keywords or phrases for your niche or industry. Use %2B to represent spaces.

For LinkedIn, replace content+marketing with keywords or phrases for your niche or industry. Use + to represent spaces.

For Google+, replace content%20marketing with keywords or phrases for your niche or industry. Use %20 to represent spaces.

From here, look for groups that are well-moderated. With public groups, you will be able to browse the discussions prior to signing up to see if people are actually engaging with each other or if they are just link-spamming. With closed groups, you will have to join first and then evaluate the group’s potential once you have been approved as a member.

When you’re looking for inspiration about something specific, use the group’s search box to find discussions using particular keywords. On Facebook, you will find it below the group’s cover photo, as shown in the Content Marketing Academy.

Blog Post Ideas Using Facebook Groups
Get blog post ideas by searching discussions in Facebook groups.

On LinkedIn, you will have to click on search in the group’s menu bar.

Blog Post Ideas Using LinkedIn Groups
Get blog post ideas by searching discussions in LinkedIn groups.

On Google+, you will find it under the group’s photo in the left sidebar.

Blog Post Ideas Using Google+ Communities
Get blog post ideas by searching discussions in Google+ communities.

16. FAQ pages about your niche or industry. tweet

Get inspired through FAQ pages on other blogs in your niche or industry. To find them, do a Google search for your topic and FAQ in the title of the page like this.

Blog Topic Ideas Using FAQ Pages
Get blog post inspiration from FAQ pages.

You will likely find tons of great ideas by browsing the questions that others answer.

17. Popular podcasts on iTunes. tweet

iTunes allows you to browse podcasts about your niche or industry by popularity. Use this to get inspiration from the topics that people are downloading and listening to on the go. You can also use this to find experts in your industry to interview or get quotes from to increase your content value.

Blog Post Ideas Using iTunes
Get blog post ideas from popular podcasts on iTunes.

18. Popular videos on YouTube. tweet

YouTube is the second largest search engine. You can use it to get ideas about the topics people are watching videos about by searching for videos on your niche or industry and using the filters to sort them by the most viewed or highest rated.

Blog Post Ideas Using YouTube Videos
Get blog post ideas from the most popular videos on YouTube.

You can also use the Google Chrome vidIQ extension to get additional metrics about a YouTube video to see their popularity beyond views and ratings, including the number of times it has been embedded and shared on social media.

Blog Post Ideas Using YouTube
Get detailed analytics about YouTube videos to determine their popularity.

19. Popular presentations on SlideShare. tweet

SlideShare is the top network for presentation sharing. Use it to find the most popular presentations in your niche or industry as inspiration for blog content. You can get your inspiration from the title of the presentation or key points within the presentation. You can also view the comments on popular presentations to get even more blog post ideas.

Blog Post Ideas Using SlideShare
Get blog post ideas from popular presentations.

20. Headlines from magazines in your niche or industry. tweet

Magazine headlines (especially the ones on the cover) use the most-proven headline formulas to ensure a high volume of sales. If you can find some magazines in your niche or industry, look at the covers and table of contents to get some inspiration for your blog posts.

Blog Post Ideas Using Magazines
Get blog post ideas using magazine covers and table of contents.

You can do this research offline at your local bookstore or online through Zinio, where you can purchase digital copies of individual magazines or digital subscriptions, or Magzter, where you can read unlimited magazines online each month with a paid subscription.

21. Sections and chapters in bestselling books. tweet

Any book on Amazon that has the Look Inside link at the top of the book’s preview image will typically allow you to peruse the book’s table of contents. This is a great way to get some blog post inspiration, as each section or chapter of the book could easily be a blog post.

Blog Post Ideas Using Books
Use Amazon’s Look Inside feature to browse the table of contents of best-selling books.

Bestsellers in your niche or industry should be analyzed in particular, as the chapters within those books are proven to be of interest to your ideal audience.

22. Questions asked by your customers. tweet

Whenever you talk to customers, what questions do they ask? If you, your sales team, your customer service department, or your project managers are getting the same questions from customers on a regular basis, you should consider turning those questions into blog posts. Anyone in your company should be encouraged to share frequently asked questions from current and potential customers in a common place, such as a shared Google Spreadsheet) so those questions can be used as content ideas.

Blog Post Ideas Using Frequently Asked Questions
Get blog post inspiration from your customer’s questions.

Ideally, you could start by compiling these questions on an FAQ page on your website, then link any answers that are explained in a blog post for more information.

23. Topics your email subscribers want you to cover. tweet

If you are sending your blog posts to subscribers by email using email marketing software, you can turn your emails into blog post inspiration by adding the following question to each email.

“What would you like for us to write about next?”

For example, GetResponse offers an RSS to Email feature that sends your subscribers new posts from your blog via email. You can add a question inviting them to reply to your emails when they have an idea they would like you to write about.

Blog Post Ideas Using Subscribers
Get blog post ideas from your email subscribers.

This will boost your overall email engagement as well as give you blog post ideas from the people who matter most.

24. Topics your website visitors want you to cover. tweet

As people are reading your latest blog post or browsing through your archives, they may have some ideas about what they’d like to see you write about next. Capture them during those moments using simple overlay surveys from tools like Qeryz, Qualaroo, or Google Consumer Insights.

Blog Post Ideas Using Surveys
Get blog post ideas from your blog visitors using surveys.

These tools will help you gather feedback from your website visitors and great new ideas for blog posts.

25. Topics your social media audience want you to cover. tweet

Last, but not least, take advantage of your social media audiences by asking them what they’d like to see you blog about next.

Blog Post Ideas Using Social Media
Get blog post ideas from your social media audience.

If you use a topic supplied by a fan, be sure to mention or tag them when you publish the post so they know they’ve been heard!

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many ways to come up with great blog post ideas for your content marketing strategy. These tactics can also be applied to ideas for other types of content, including ebooks, podcasts, presentations, webinars, videos, and more.

What tactics do you use to get inspiration for your next blog post? Be sure to share in the comments!

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    Great post, Kristi. I would like to add one more keyword research tool, though. It’s not free, but you could save time and eliminate several others by using this one to plan your content. It’s the new SBI! for WordPress tool that includes a plugin which brings all this research – like the related keywords from Google, Hit Tail and Ubersuggest combined — directly into your WordPress dashboard.

  22. says

    Great roundup, Kristi! My favorites include CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer, Buzzsumo Pro, and Hubspot’s Headline Generator. I use them everyday to help me with my guest posting and ghost writing tasks. My other secret to new ideas is reading the comments section of blogs and social media posts.

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    Hi Kristi!

    What an Epic blog post here! … full of valuable information to help bloggers come up with awesome content!

    With this list, there is no way one cannot come up with new blog post ideas. That is for sure :)

    My approach to find new blog post ideas is very simple; I simply pay close attention and really listen to what people are wanting to learn more about. Whether that is in Social Networks, blog posts from around the net, forums, etc.

    I use some of the tools you have mentioned here – and I gotta say, I have learned about a few new one here, thanks to you! haha … so thank you!

    I think it is a simple concept, when it comes to coming up with new blog post ideas. All you have to do is Pay Close Attention to the internet world, and to the people in your niche. They are the ones who will tell you what type of content is needed and what type of content is popular. From here, all you do is find the right tools to pay close attention! lol

    Great post here Kristi! ..

    Keep up the great work!

    Have a fantastic week! 😀

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    Great post as always Kristy,
    One of the things that bloggers and writers usually find difficult once awhile is coming up with the ideas of what to write about as a blog post and if you’re new to the system then, this can be a very big challenge.

    However, all the tips you shared here can really tremendously in fighting this and i will have to try the ones I’m not already familiar with in the list.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Hi Kristi

    I really like this Idea and it is very much useful to me. I mostly prefer AllTop which is really a great website to find ideas to write blog post.

    I enjoyed your article and your tips are so helpful to me. I’ll definitely follow your tips to find blog post ideas when I will write a new article on my blog.

    Thanks for this great article .

    Have a great day ahead !!

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    You have showed a lot of alternatives with necessary description of each one. You have incorporated essential images in every place where it was necessary. This blend of content and image makes the write up more reader friendly and comprehensive. Hats off to you, Kristi.

    I’m using Google Adword and Ubersuggest for topic generation. I was unaware of most of the tools that you have incorporated in the article. I’m going to use this article as a reference for topic generation.

    Waiting for your next master pieces. God bless you!!!

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    This is amazing list. I started lately to use Quora as additional to my headline posts, and getting not bad results. Also there are word mixer, misspelled words and word combination all are available rank tracker.

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    Hey Kristi Hines,
    I took almost 30 minutes to read your post but i must say that it not the waste of time. This great post of your helped me to learn about many new things.
    So thanks a lot Kristi.

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